Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our New Hiking Buddies

When you long distance hike a popular trail you tend to fall into groups moving about the same pace, while passing the slower groups and getting passed by the faster ones. The best part about the trail is the camaraderie. No matter how different you are you will always have a common connection to anyone that you camp with at a given shelter at night.

For the past two weeks (maybe more) we've been hiking with a really great couple from nearby Ashville; Bryan and Megan. They're about exactly our pace and besides being cool people they also have some adorable dogs hiking with them (Otto and Macey). Bryan and Megan are out for a long section hike (like us) but with a little more time. They've got the attitude of "We'll see how far we get, and enjoy the hiking" which is in comparison to "We WILL finish in 90 days!" or "I think I'll just stay in town so I can watch TV and not smell"

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