Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hitting the Balds

We've passed into the section of the trail famous for its balds (meadows on top of mountains) which has provided us with some breathtaking views. It also seems to be the habit here to build regular observation towers, some with roads leading near them, some not. It's a funny thing climbing up a mountain for four hours and, upon reaching the top, running into families out for the afternoon, or bus tours at the top. They are all very interested in us stinky, dirty, long distance hiking folks though:)


  1. How about those funky names like Bent Knob and Willies Tater Patch and Clingmans Dome! Glad that you are in the Smokies and enjoying it all. Say HI to Charlies Bunion - Barb and I really loved that part of the trail a few years ago. Mike Z.

  2. You must be well past Clingman's Dome by the time you get this message. We hope you found the view from the deck interesting. We were in Great Smokies in April but only hiked into some scenic areas lower down. Don't forget to take a photo of the stop sign across from the red caboose when you get to Damascus, VA