Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trip Planning Starts in Earnest

It really feels like we're going now. A box of goodies has arrived from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy with maps, guidebooks etc, although we are still waiting on our membership package apparently sent out months ago. We've also dug out all the books and most maps sent from family. Lots to read and do. The food prep and mailing of packages will be the most daunting parts. Em is an excellent planner and has started logging probably daily stops and mileage for as far as out current maps take us. She's also had her first trail anxiety dream which must mean that it's really happening.

Matt Makes a Trip to M.E.C.

This past week I was in Toronto for a variety of reasons (job fair the weekend before, visiting Sky-Wendy-Elli, friend's wedding, visiting with my good friend Chris Bosh etc) and made the pilgrimage to the MECca of outdoor gear (good pun hey?). Sky and Wendy gave Em and I the best Christmas present possible; a gift certificate for trail stuff. Excellent because we don't need more "stuff" with the lone exception of cool gear! I got a sleeping bag, tent footprint, hiking boots, and a camp pillow.

And so it begins...

First official blog post! That must mean that the trip is coming up faster than either of us expected. So much to do and ... um.... a fairly reasonable amount of time to do it in (2 months and a bit). This is more than enough for Efficient Emily and far less than enough for Procrastinating Matt (I tried to keep the alliteration going there but thesaurus.com tells me that there is no synonym for "procrastination" that starts with "m"... sigh). Hopefully between the two of us we will have everything ready to go in time:)

More posts to come soon.