Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We made it to Fontana Dam, the largest dam with an elevation higher than ....... uh... something or another..... It seemed like a fake record to me at the time.

The A.T. Shelter near Fontana Dam is known as the Fontana Hilton. It sleeps 24 people, has running water, hot showers, flush toilets, the WORKS! Best of all, almost no mice. We spent two nights there.

We went into the little Fontana Village to get supplies and fuel up on fresh vegetables and pulled pork sandwiches. YUM! At the village we met a whole bunch of hikers who had been behind us for about two weeks and had been reading our journal entries. It's strange on the trail because you know many of the same people but can only keep up with hikers in front of you. Those behind are a mystery. We actually had one hiker, after hearing me say "EH" respond "Hey, are you part of the Eh-Team?" HA!

The day was capped off by 18 holes of disk golf. Remember to click on the images to inlarge (and critique Em's throwing form.)

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