Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We stopped into the Natahala Outdoor Centre for a day to resupply and relax and ended up going white water rafting! (not really white water rafting.... more like Grey water rafting... very small but still fun rapids).

We got a four person boat with Bryan and Megan.

The next day we had to climb out of the river valley and, from the weather channel, expected 30% chance of showers. Instead we got a blistering hot day of hill climbing, until the skies opened up and it started raining... then hailing a little... then hailing marble sized hail. We tried to hide it out in a Rhododendron bush but got too cold (and painfully pelted) and had to hike up a steep river (formerly the trail) to the next shelter.

The posted photos are from the safety of the next day. The forest was (quite literally) white with 3cm deep hail. Incredible!

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