Friday, May 22, 2009

We made it to Bavaria!

Ever notice how it looks like we're wearing the same clothes in every picture? There's a good reason for that. Em is actually down at the local laundromat as I type this, so that we can, at least temporarily, remove the cloud of odour that follows us. We've noticed that we don't smell sweet but you get a fuller appreciation when you've showered of how rank the clothes that you've been sweating in actually were.

We've made it to our first drop box (and rest day) in the lovely town of Helen. A fellow hiker (Barry) asked us, "why are you going to Helen? Do you need a T-Shirt? Helen is, indeed, a tourist trap, but a lovely one at that. It is a faux-bavarian village (south east germany as I learned) with tubing, mini-golf, and shops selling knick-knacks and fudge everywhere. A real bed and a shower felt heavenly, and a day to organize our new supply of food dearly needed.

The woman at the desk in our hotel told us that, "you're the second group of Canadians that I've seen hiking the AT in the past two weeks. The last two just up and quit. Left most of their hiking things in a box and just went home." But fear not! Your brave adventurers are prepared to continue onward and upward! (or downward... depending).

Tomorrow, refreshed, we'll hit the trail again:)

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  1. Can you please reveal to us flatlanders your trail names? Great to read your posts and see photos. And following you on the map is fun - haven't you been in Georgia long enough? I want to drive down to the Smokies to tag along with you guys. Glad the Big Agnes pads are working out for you. Keep on keeping on... Mike Z.