Thursday, May 21, 2009

Knees hurting less... that's good right?

Hi Folks:)

We've been going up and down hills like crazy but the pain at the end of the day is starting to turn into the good kind of sore instead of the just-painful-kind.

Em's left knee (same leg that has the bad ankle) has been bothering her a lot on downhills but she's been feeling a little better each day. Also, the top of my calves are no longer feeling like they are always in a vice. We are going to be so buff when we get back.

I've got 9 days worth of facial hair which translates into a pretty wicked neck beard and some patchy face hair too. Happily for me I don't need to look at it:) (Em is not so lucky).

Strangely enough it has been COLD here. 12-20 degrees each day with a pretty good wind chill on the hill tops. Each night at the shelters we have been wearing our fleeces and wishing that we hadn't shipped our jackets ahead. The views, however, have been everything as advertised and more. Standing on top of a hilltop and gazing out at the green rolling hills below (many of which we have walked) is deeply satisfying. Each agonizing footstep up and knee-twinge down becomes well worth it.

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