Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 18-20

Woke up at Woods Hole shelter after a VERY cold night. I was warm enough but Em didn't sleep well because of the cold. Mice are a big problem at the shelters (we tented away from the shelter so no problem for us) and the four hikers sleeping in the shelter were kept up by the little guys running around looking for food. In the morning we saw the cutest little mouse trying to climb up the edge of the shelter to safety. Two of the hikers that we stayed with are young guys about our age from Cininatti named Mike and Jarred. They were sleeping on tiny foam mats to keep pack weight down and were very jealous of our Big Agnes sleeping mats. They dubbed us "The 'Eh' Team" so now we officially have trail names.

Most people here are not good at building fires. My (Matt's) merely-competent fire making skills make me look like a professional arsonist compared to many. Most will just gather some wet needles and leaves and are quite impressed with things like blowing on the coals or finding a dead-standing-not-rotten tree. Those hiking trips that Dad took me on years ago are really paying off now.

Ran into a series of warm sunny days that coincided with some great views. I can't post pics on this computer but perhaps tomorrow. Saw a small bear that high-tailed it away from me as fast as possible. They are scared of humans but love campers food. A few campers that stayed at a shelter without cable bear hangers had the clever ursines break the ropes holding their bear bags and make off with their food. YUM!!

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