Friday, April 10, 2009

The Packs Arrive!!!!!!!!!!

The 2nd most exciting part of our trip! (The first being something to actually do with hiking ((or for 1/2 of our daring duo, something that rhymes with Wolonial Cilliamsburg)).

We went to the Chaltrek/Ostrom Outdoors store to pick up our new packs for the hike. Very exciting! I've been using nothing but Ostrom packs since about grade 10 but I've never lived out of one so this will be a bit different. Bill put in some extra pouches for our camel packs so no hauling out the nalgenes for us! We got the staves bent to our back shapes and a helpful lesson on how to properly pack the mass (Mass being a better choice of word then weight, because mass means "matter" and weight means "force" - that's a take-home lesson right there folks).

Emily chose a gorgeous combination of teal and pink for pack colours inspired by 80's workout spandex. At least our packs can't be mistakenly picked up by anyone else.

(Note: Yes, I am eating properly, and I don't have a tapeworm. I'm just built skinny like that.)

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