Friday, April 10, 2009

Our First Foray...

White dudes and gang signs.. G-G-G Gang Signs! (inside joke... or just see to get the joke).

A beautiful day in Thunder Bay found us loading up our packs with 40 and 30 pounds apiece (that's 18 and 14 kg) and taking a 3 mile (4.8 km) jaunt around the city. Mainly we wanted to try our packs out and enjoy some sunshine. We mounted the stairs to hillcrest park and then down to the marina. Lots of people outside enjoying the sunshine, and the change in season is certainly getting us excited to be active. The packs felt great and so did we.

Turns out Em is an all-star healer and is moving around perfectly, with just a bit more stiffness and tiredness (is that a word?) in her left leg.

Get out there and drink up Spring people!!

P.S. Right near the main dock at the marina they seem to have some pumps that agitate the water, likely to keep the ice at bay. Anyone know the purpose?

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  1. guys!! This is SO exciting! glad the packs felt good! want me to ride in the pack sometime so you can use me as weight? I'll just stick my head out the top ...